Philipp Christopher feiert Premiere mit „Jericho Ridge“ auf dem Galway Film Festival

Philipp Christopher is having a world festival premiere with JERICHO RIDGE directed and written by Will Gilbey and Aidan Kelly at GALWAY FILM FESTIVAL 2023 – check out the trailer! „Will Gilbey’s debut feature is a survivalist thriller that follows small-town Deputy Sheriff, Tabitha ‘Tabby’ Temple, who is called back from injury leave to cover […]

Philipp Christopher im Kurzfilm „Brothers“

Philipp Christopher ist einer der Hauptrollen des englischsprachigen Kurzfilms BROTHERS, der die Themen mentale Gesundheit und Suizid eindrucksvoll inszeniert. „The film is dedicated to everyone who is suffering from mental health issues or thoughts of suicide, which is often overlooked by society and goes unnoticed for too long: While two brothers are on a journey […]

Welcome to ZTA: Philipp Christopher

Welcome to ZTA: Philipp Christopher has joined our management branch and we are very excited to represent this multitalented actor, director and screenwriter from now on – check out his artist profile!