Nikeata Thompson

Actress / Presenter / Author / Stage Coach

Acting, PR & Commercial
What pushed me the most was that I had to realise early what my unique selling point was: my strength lays in bringing people together, so from early on I mediated between dancers and production, even if I wasn't present in the performance or video myself. So I had to create visibility for my work, in 2010 I founded NT AGENCY and went online with my agency website. What followed was simply unbelievable. People became more aware of me, I was taken more seriously and got paid for my work. The career hack is to recognise your strength and use it in a way that makes it unique.


NIKEATA THOMPSON is one of the most popular TV faces in Germany and is also a (stage) choreographer, actress, autoin, agency owner & presenter. As a TV judge she shone in prime time shows like GOT TO DANCE, GOT TO DANCE KIDS and MASTERS OF DANCE, as Head of Choreography again for THE VOICE OF GERMANY, as show host for various events and TV shows. Nikeata is active in many exciting formats on and backstage, e.g. as catwalk and stage coach & guest judge for GERMANY'S NEXT TOPMODEL, and most recently as stage coach at the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin. Besides world stars like Tom Hanks, Sean Paul, Jason Derulo and Felix Jaehn, Nikeata has also worked with many national stars like Helene Fischer, Seeed and Lena Meyer-Landruth through her NT Agency. Since the Black Lives Matter movement, Nikeata has been "one of the most important voices of enlightenment on the subject of racism" according to the WELT. Her biography SCHWARZ AUF WEISS - TRAU DICH ZU TRÄUMEN & SCHAFF DAS UNMÖGLICHE was published by Heyne Verlag in 2021 and gives moving and inspiring insights into Nikeata Thompson's life and career, coupled with valuable life advice pages. Currently, the versatile artist is on set for the BTF production PAULINE for the streaming provider Disney +.