Hi, I'm Zetha.

True to the motto "Without rehearsals all the way to the top", whilst I was standing in baroque costumes in my theater group in downtown Holzminden, I quickly realised that in future my role or my vocation would probably be behind the stage rather than on it. After various professional experiences in acting management, film distribution, casting and press in Berlin and Rome, I learned what an artist really needs at his side: an empathetic & organised companion and preparer. Someone who believes in the potential of his client and his client's individual possibilities for his artistic work, recognises his visions and courageously and confidently turns them into reality- be it in the area of PR & Commercial Management or for a holistic approach to Talent Management.

With ZTA, I see myself as a shaper and not an administrator, an "agent of change" and a "challenger". My team and I are the ones you consult when others tell you "that won't work" or "it's never been done that way before". We create synergies that neither artists nor clients would have believed in. In our cooperation we break the proverbial frame of possibilities.

Each artist receives individual advice and personal support in the areas of image building, press, brand cooperation, social media and more recently also film projects. 

Agility, empathy, accessibility and proactivity are my credo. Courage to change, flexibility and challenges are my drive.

Hi, I'm Elias.

Auch ich habe den Umweg über die provinzielle Theaterbühne genommen bevor ich bei ZTA landete. Seit 2021 unterstütze ich Zetha bei ihrer Mission Talent Management an den modernen Zeitgeist heranzuführen und neue Wege in der ganzheitlichen und wertegesteuerten Zusammenarbeit mit Künstler*innen zu erarbeiten. Die Förderung von wahrer Diversität in der Film- und Medienbranche ist für mich dabei ein elementarer Bestandteil, denn noch zu oft sehe ich ein verfälschtes und heteronormatives Abbild unserer Gesellschaft in Film und Fernsehen. Bei ZTA habe ich einen Ort gefunden an dem ich die Überzeugung entwickeln konnte in meinem Wirkungskreis einen Wandel bewirken zu können.