Philipp Christopher feiert Premiere mit „Jericho Ridge“ auf dem Galway Film Festival

Philipp Christopher is having a world festival premiere with JERICHO RIDGE directed and written by Will Gilbey and Aidan Kelly at GALWAY FILM FESTIVAL 2023 – check out the trailer!

„Will Gilbey’s debut feature is a survivalist thriller that follows small-town Deputy Sheriff, Tabitha ‘Tabby’ Temple, who is called back from injury leave to cover the dispatch radio for the night. Alone in the station, Tabby witnesses a deadly gunfight break out between The Sheriff, the Chief Deputy and attackers via the police dash cams. A suspicious locksmith appears at the front door and is not who he says he is. Tabby’s nightmare begins as the Sheriff’s Office is besieged by murderous attackers. Tabby repels the initial attacks, locks the doors and calls for backup… but the closest State Police units are thirty minutes away. Things become more complicated when her teenage son, Monty, shows up to finish an argument which leaves Tabby to defend herself and her son. Isolated and outgunned, mother and son will have to do whatever it takes to survive.“


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