Franz Dinda on the occasion of the 3rd season of DAS BOOT will be featured in the latest edition of the "TV Series Highlights".

Franz Dinda is currently in front of the camera for the third season of the international high-end series DAS BOOT in Prague and Malta in one of the season's main roles as chief engineer "LI" Robert Ehrenberg. Claudia Kaller from TV SERIEN HIGHLIGHTS reported on the dramatic development of his role: "The leading engineer Robert Ehrenberg (Franz Dinda) is temporarily displaced from the home front to a different scene. The man from Kiel, who lost his entire family in a heavy bombing raid by the Royal Air Force in 1939, will have to face his inner demons for good. In the new season we will find out, whether he will find something like forgiveness in the process or if alcohol will gain the upper hand over his life again."